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Air Conditioner Installation

Don’t sweat Houston’s tropical summers, cool down with the best AC in town.

RAS offers leading brand AC units guaranteed to be highly effective, energy-efficient, and at an affordable price. Choose from our extensive selection of top quality air conditioners and thermostats to find just the right system to fit your needs, space and style.

Our professional, friendly and trained technicians will take the time to ensure long-term performance and maximum energy savings. With state-of-the-art equipment and ongoing training, our team provides reliable service you can count on. Your comfort is our top priority.

Replacing an old broken AC unit? We will remove it from the premise free of charge! Easy, fast, quality AC replacement is just a click away.

Heating – Furnace Installation

RAS carries a wide variety of state-of-the-art HVAC systems that are quiet, reliable, energy-efficient and cost-effective. Older furnaces can’t hold a candle to modern heating solutions.

It might be time to consider a new furnace if you notice:

  • your current unit is making sounds
  • frequent repairs are needed
  • energy bill is rising
  • your house just isn’t as consistently comfortable in all rooms

Our licensed team is factory-trained to install HVAC systems so they operate their best. And we offer removal services of systems being replaced, so there is no hassle or fee for getting rid of what wasn’t working.

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